Regional Director’s Report August 2017

As I write today, the weather has turned a bit cooler which is welcome, but we are looking for more warm sunny days ahead.  (Click the title to read the full report.)

Regional Director’s Report 2017 Summer Update

In the last few months I have been approached by two Gabriola Island community groups wanting to get on the tax rolls. The Community Hall is asking for $40,000 per year, and the Arts Council wants $50,000 per year from the tax payers of Gabriola.

Regional Director’s Report Jan/Feb 2017

Winter has not disappointed us with lots of snow and cold weather, but enough already, bring on spring. The Moose Hide Campaign  got a big financial boost from the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) games held in Nanaimo this past January at VIU.  The MBA games raised $150,000 and a private party matched those funds…

Regional Director’s Year End Report for 2016

In general, December is a slow month at the RDN. Naomi Wakan made a big splash as she finished her last year of Nanaimo’s First Poet Laureate. Naomi did a great job of bringing poetry to the people with project like poetry on the buses in Nanaimo. Her mentorship with youth was also outstanding and…

Director’s report Fall 2016

A lot has happened in the last few months starting with the RDN signing cooperation protocol agreement with the Qualicum First Nation. This agreement lays out a path on how we support each other to achieve common goals in a respectful and trusting way.

Regional Director’s Report May/July 2016

Well, I just noticed I have not reported to the community in a few months, but you can be assured I was busy. The RDN mapping department has been busy as well in both Cox community Park and the 707 park with their GPS equipment mapping the parks.

Regional Director’s Report March/April 2016

March started off with the Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Committee (POSAC) meeting on the first day of the month. I would like to thank Jacinthe Eastick and Mark Wooley – two members who are leaving POSAC – for the years of service to the community on this committee.

Regional Directors Report January / February 2016

At the RDN 2016 started off slow then built, closer to the end of the month, into the usual frenzy of meetings. At the RDN board meeting of Jan. 12, I proposed a motion “That staff provide an analysis of establishing handy Dart service for Electoral Area B residents with trips starting from the Gabriola…

Regional Director’s Report November December 2015

November started off with the opening of the new and improved building for the Gabriola Island Recycling Organization (GIRO). The number of volunteer hours put into this project was astonishing and the building team has given us all a very wonderful gift. This project may not have been done for years in the future if…

Regional Director’s Report September/October 2015

Things really picked up at the RDN after a slow August . The RDN board meeting of September 08 passed bylaw 1734, this bylaw was the start towards a referendum in February 2016 for GERTIE : Gabriola’s Community Bus Service.

Regional Director’s Report April/May 2015

Well time flies when you’re busy and the last several months have been just that, with lots of good stuff on the roll. The RDN Solid Waste Management Select Committee has been busy looking at how solid waste is managed in the RDN. We have concerns about one of the three commercial collection companies choosing…

Regional Director’s Report February 2015

Well it’s budget season and we are working on try to keep the increases reasonable. Unless things change it look like the increase in area B will be $7.00 per 100,000 dollars or $24 for a 400,000 dollars home. With this increase there will be service level increases in regional parks, southern community recreation .D68…

Regional Director’s Report January 2015

This report will be a roundup of the RDN activities in the last few months on Gabriola. The Descanso Bay emergency dock is in need of repairs, so we will be going to tender on that one in the next few days. The repairs should be completed in the spring.

Regional Director’s Report October/November 2014

The month of October was just crazy, with 14 days in town for meetings. Everyone wanted to get things finished before the election in November. There were all kinds of meetings, but the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Culture Committee meeting on Protection Island was one of most fun. The residents of Protection Island are embarking…

Regional Director’s Report September 2014

Well I started September off with everyone’s favorite topic: a solid waste workshop. I was amazed by what I heard at this workshop. The RDN is the leader in recycling and solid waste management. Almost none of the other regional districts and municipalities have three-stream pick up at the curb side. We have the highest…

Gabriola Emergency Evacuation Dock Rumors

I have been hearing rumors about the Gabriola emergency evacuation dock and people’s interpretations of my position on that, so I thought I’d address the issue directly.

Regional Director’s Report August 2014

August is the slow month at the Nanaimo Regional District (RDN) it’s hard to have meetings when so many people are on vacation, and that is OK with me. First on my list was the De Courcy Island community pot luck lunch and the AGM this is always a nice way to get to know…

Regional Director’s Report June – July 2014

This report will cover me for June and July. The Snaw-Naw-as invited the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) to the opening of their new health center on June 18. The opening of this building has been a long time in coming, but now that it’s here, medical and other health service will be in one…

Regional Director’s Report May 2014

Hope everyone is enjoying spring moving into summer, now if there was just away to stop the grass from growing my mower and I would be much happier.

Regional Director’s Report April 2014

Well lots to talk about this time around. The nominations committee for the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) met to choose new members to serve on the board. Gabriola now has one member on the NEDC board – Gloria Hatfield. She has tons of experience and is a welcome addition to the board. 

Regional Director’s Report January and February 2014

Best of the year to all of you. The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) started off 2014 with finishing up the stakeholders’ meetings for the Huxley park master plan. We hope to have a number of options for the public to look at in March’s open house.

Regional Director’s Report September 2013

The first meeting up this month was the cultural committee of Nanaimo Parks Recreation and Culture Commission (NPRCC).The arts community should look at the city of Nanaimo web site as there are two opportunities  to show your stuff.The public art request involves 4000 dollars for the art piece and after it has been on display…

Regional Director’s Report August 2013

August proved to be great, the weather cooperated with sunny days and cool nights. The first Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) meeting was not until the 27th, but there were several public events to attend.

Regional Director’s Report July 2013

As summer gets underway the number of meetings slows down, which is as it should be. First up were the Canada Day celebrations at Folklife Village: music, a barbeque, and good friends were the order of the day. From there a Gertie bus load of people went down to the annual Canada Day potato canon…

Regional Director’s Report June 2013

Lots to talk about in this report. The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) is now up and running, and implementing the new agricultural plan. There were 130 action items for us to start with, we selected 20 and are moving those forward.

Regional Director’s Report May 2013

After the last time we spoke things were unusually slow for a few weeks. But that all changed when the skateboard ramps at Huxley Park were to be removed because of safety issues. The users of the skateboard area were very unhappy with this removal and asked for a temporary solution until the Huxley Park…

Regional Director’s Report April 2013

Well first off I am a bit late, as volunteer week was last week and I have not thanked all the people who work preparing and training for emergencies on Gabriola. Then there are the countless volunteer at ESS, the Gabriola Volunteer Fire Department, GIRO, the Community Hall, the AGI Hall, WI Hall, Commons, People…

Regional Director’s Report March 2013

Well where to start hummmm. OK, there have been a few changes with Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation. These are all for the good, as they are moving to more of a governance board. Their tourism arm, Tourism Nanaimo, is working hard to help Gabriola business of all kinds to move forward in a slow economy.

Regional Director’s Report February 2013

I am sure you are just bursting to hear about what is going on, or maybe not so excited. It’s mostly the usual raft of meetings so I will touch on the more interesting ones.

Perspectives: Winter 2012

Please find attached the latest issue of Perspectives: A REGIONAL DISTRICT OF NANAIMO PUBLICATION | WINTER 2012 (PDF file). What’s Inside: Rural Village Centres Study Moorecroft Regional Park Water Budget Project

Regional Director’s Report November 2012

Someone asked, how many meetings do you go to? A quick count shows it was 19 in November with a few yet to come. So let get started, first up was an all day consultation between the RCMP, the city of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) on the five year strategic plan….

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day: Lest we forget Wear a poppy to honour those in uniform who have served Canada and also those who have died in service to our country. Attend Remembrance Day ceremonies. Pause for one minute of silence at 11:00 a.m. on November 11 to honour those who served and died in times of war,…

Regional Director’s Report October 2012

Well, so we met again. Lots of good things happened this month. There were several meetings of the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Culture Commission (PRCC). The most interesting one was the community visioning workshop. Several Gabriolans took part in this exercise and we will be looking at the results in November.

Regional Director’s Report September 2012

Well things are picking up in the meeting department this month, as we are now playing catch-up after the summer rest. The City of Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Commission (NPRCC) met three times in September; these meetings are always lively and passionate. The topics at the NPRCC can range from revamping parks facilities to…

Taxi-saver Program Response

Published: Monday, September 24, 2012  Time not right for bus, but might be for taxi-saver program Dear Editor In response to Rick Mitchell’s letter to the editor of Sept. 17 in The Flying Shingle: The taxi-saver program is not a way to get around having a bus service. A taxi-saver service is meant to complement a…

Regional Director’s Report July 2012

Hi there, July is a quiet month for meetings, with most of them in the last week of the month. But before we get to that … Building permits were slow in June with two permits to build houses, one to move a house onto a lot, and four permits under the “other” category. The…

Regional Directors Report June 2012

As usual I attended lots of meetings and public engagements. The opener was the Ocean Days Festival at Descanso Bay Regional Park. Divers brought up all kinds of things from the deep to the delight of the children and adults too. There was also a demonstration of how long a single oil tanker really is….

Regional Director’s Report May 2012

It seems like we talked only yesterday, but no, it’s more than 30 days since my last report. I started off this session with our regular meeting of the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) board meeting, then moved on to the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Culture Commission meeting. At that meeting we nominated members-at-large and…

Public Art Gabriola Style

Melinda Wilde lives and creates on beautiful Gabriola Island. She has been involved in many artistic ventures from private and public murals to volunteer after school art programs, community “Art Start” workshops, professional development seminars and the B.C. Ferries Artist and speaker program. She has been teaching watercolours for over 20 years.